We are evilfactory

We make software with modern web technologies.

About us

We are small, distributed, agile, and practial. We do care both with user & developer experience. We believes that modern technologies solve modern problem.

Beside making software, we do help people & stakeholders build software on top modern web technologies.

Open Source is our DNA. While we are relying on Open Source software, we are giving back to the community by open source-ing our software, libraries we made, and knowledge we have.

Software & Project we made

  • nadya - Personal financial tracker built on top PWA & offline-first principles.
  • edgy - Fighting the status-quo of web app deployment in Indonesia, powering the JAMstack ecosystem.
  • More awesome open source software will be announced.

Clients we help

  • TBD. Need our help to build your next or existing project? Talk to us!